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Spending your holiday at the Hotel Orsa Maggiore in Milano Marittima means first of all having a nice sleep. Allor our rooms offer the necessary comforts to enjoy a nice holiday: en-suite bathroom with shower, hair-dryer, independent air conditioning, TV led, WiFi, telephone, safe and balcony. Your kids can sleep peacefully in beds or cradles that you can ask for at the reservation.

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A unique and special place

What about all of them simply wonderful …. you bring joy and serenity and make you feel part of the family. we go back again this year is the third in a row but without them you can not stand.

Written by Elisa S on 21 july 2014

The cuisine at Hotel Orsa Maggiore di Milano Marittima

The cuisine is Hotel Orsa Maggiore's feather in the cap: everyday at lunch and dinner our guests are welcomed with the extraordinary recipes of our chef and Nadia, who helps him in the kitchen. Starters, pasta, main courses, fish and meat: all the ingredients are chosen day by day by our chef to offer you the best products of our territory. All our guests love the traditional food from Romagna: piadina and pasta In particular our chef and Nadia personally prepare fresh home-made tagliatella and ravioli. Not only do they serve traditional ...


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Let’s party at the Hotel Orsa Maggiore

When you are on holiday at the Hotel Orsa you will discover what real and special entertainment is: Nadia and Raffaella always organize theme partys and colourful events that will surprise you everytime!  The Roaring Twenties, Black and White, Upcycle and One Thousand and One Nights: these are just some of the theme partys that have been organized in the Hotel Orsa Maggiore to offer our guests an entertaining and funny evening, with friends and musica! Every day can be the right time to spend the night with your friends and family in ...


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