Our family to make you feel at home

The Hotel Orsa Maggiore in Milano Marittima is close to the beach and it’s a perfect place to spend your hilday making all your family happy, especially the kids. But this is just a small part of what Hotel Orsa really is.

You’ll just need one day at the Hotel Orsa Maggiore to get to know that here hospitality means smiles and hugs, the smell of freshly baked cales for breakfast, the taste of traditional meals and the happiness of a relaxed evening in the gardens with your friends.

In a couple of minutes you’ll understand that what makes Hotel Orsa Maggiore in Milano Marittima so special it its family and the complete devotion of Nadia, Raffaella, Martina, Libero and of the whole family to your happiness.

Your holiday at the Hotel Orsa will be a day by day mixture of fun and relax: go swimming and sunbathing at the beach, or have a walk in the centre of Milano Marittima just to see how amazing your holiday can be. Add a drink or a dinner in our garden and you will fall in love with Nadia and Raffaella kindness and friendship.