The cuisine at Hotel Orsa Maggiore di Milano Marittima

The cuisine is Hotel Orsa Maggiore’s feather in the cap: everyday at lunch and dinner our guests are welcomed with the extraordinary recipes of our chef and Nadia, who helps him in the kitchen. Starters, pasta, main courses, fish and meat: all the ingredients are chosen day by day by our chef to offer you the best products of our territory.

All our guests love the traditional food from Romagna: piadina and pasta

In particular our chef and Nadia personally prepare fresh home-made tagliatella and ravioli. Not only do they serve traditional dishes, but they also offer our guests vegetarian meals and original recipes.

Because of the high quaity food, most of our guests choose the full board

Breakfast, lunch and dinner: do not miss any of the meal that our chef and Nadia prepare for you!

We pay attention also to one of the main important moments of the day, i.e. breakfast: you will always find a nice smile as well as bread and jam, yogurt and cereals, croissant and cappuccine…and a delicious slice of cake!